What makes Glucose Buddy different?

We're different because we know what it feels like to live every day with diabetes. We understand you want to get back in control, to feel confident again and be on track towards a healthy future.

That's why our mission is to give you back control.

Control of your blood sugars and control of your life. Once you are back in control, you choose your future!

We make staying healthy simple by giving you the tools and support to get on-top and stay in-control of your blood sugar balance.

Simple, Smart Solutions

Connected SMART meters for accurate, real-time blood sugar measurements

Affordable, hassle free test supplies delivered to your door

Certified one-on-one diabetes coaches for quality care when you need it

The award winning 24/7 Glucose Buddy App for easy everyday management

Access, Knowledge and Power

Glucose Buddy is with you anytime, anywhere. 100% online.

No appointments. No waiting rooms

Benefit from professional support and advice. Know your numbers and how to respond

Easily share data with your wider health team, instantly and effortlessly

Have confidence knowing we are always here for you

Glucose Buddy makes healthy living

easier and more accessible than ever before.

Take back control, take back your health and take back the life you love!

Get started with Glucose Buddy today.

Find the plan that is right for you.

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