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Everything you need to keep your blood sugar and life in balance.

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Professional support and advice

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Connected SMART meters

Personalized one-on-one diabetes coaching

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Quality care when you need it.

Test strips to your door

Accurate, real-time blood sugar measurements

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Take your first steps to better diabetes care with us

Take your first steps to better diabetes care with us

Want to live a healthier life? Let us help you start your life-changing journey today. With Glucose Buddy you don't have to do it alone.

Our certified diabetes educators are just a message away with daily support and answers to questions. They see your blood sugar levels in real-time so they can provide you with thoughtful, personal, one-on-one guidance when you need it.

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Building Blocks for Better Care

Smart Glucose Meters & Supplies, Delivered

The simple and discrete Glucose Buddy Smart Meter captures and connects a clear view of your blood numbers instantly and effortlessly.

The Glucose Buddy

The easiest way to track blood sugar over time with weekly reports and action plans to keep your glucose in check. Intuitive and easy. Available on iOS and Android.

Professional One-on-One Diabetes Coaching

Dedicated and personal support every step of the way to help you reach your goals.
Real people that care.

What makes Glucose Buddy different?

We make staying healthy simple by giving you the tools and support to get on-top and stay in-control of your blood sugar balance.

Understand your numbers and how to respond when your levels are out

Have everything you need and nothing you don't

Know we are always here for you

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What is the Glucose Buddy experience like?

Ask one of our 30,000+ members!

Deanne, 45
New York
"The graphs, timeline and reports for my doctor are the features I like best."
Mark, 45
"I've been a user for over 2 years. I'm a believer in this app."
John, 57
"GB a must have app for tracking diabetes."
Nina, 41
"Wish I had this app a long time ago!"
Monica, 43
"I have tried other glucose app, but always returned to Glucose Buddy."
Janet, 35
New Jersey
"A true life & time saver for me."

Everything you need to balance your blood

sugars and your life.

Get started right.

Join Glucose Buddy and get you started with our new member welcome pack. Delivered to your door, this kit has everything you need to start your better health journey.

The Smart Glucose Buddy Meter.

Our advanced Glucose Meter combines technology, quality materials and smart design for an easy to use test meter you can carry discretely and trust completely.

Test strips to you door.

Never worry about not having test strips again with our test strip delivery service. Select the plan that is right for you and then simply set and forget.

Connected, supported & under control.

Connected monitoring, test strips to your door and real-time coaching means managing your blood sugars and your life has never been easier.

Monthly subscriptions from as little as $19 a month.


Getting started on the road to better health is easy.

Take your first step today & take back your health and life you love.

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