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Recent GB Version History

We encourage all GB users to update to the latest GB version to benefit from bug fixes and other improvements.

GB 3.6.5

We're proud to present you with GB 3.6.5, a version that packs quite some horse power under its hood.

What's New:

Not buying the 2-way cross-device sync feature will not disturb any features already in your app.

Thank you for making GB the #1 downloaded diabetes management software on iOS. We couldn't have done it without the help of our loyal users, such as yourself. Thank you!

GB 3.6.0

The long anticipated 2-way (bidirectional) multi-device sync is now available. Due to the server resources it consumes, this feature can only be a premium feature, but we're positive that those who use GB regularly, or add data from various sources (e.g., iPad, iPhone, iTouch, web portal) will benefit from it tremendously.



GB 3.5.5

This update includes the following items:

GB 3.5.0

This is a maintenance update and includes the following fixes:

This update also includes the placement of notifications and ads at the bottom of the dashboard and forum. Email us if you prefer not to see ads and would prefer an in-app purchase to remove them.

GB 3.4.1

GB 3.4